Summer 2012


On Sunday, 22 July 2012, the excavation team presented its work to an audience of about 120 people at the courtyard of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Argos. Dig directors Dimitris Damaskos and Dimitris Plantzos talked about their recent finds and outlined their future plans for the site.

The talks were followed by a musical performance by three students of the Municipal Music School - Eleftheria Kydonaki, Sophia Proiou, and Irene Bellou.

On Tuesday, 24 July, about twenty boys and girls aged 10-14 were introduced to the art of archaeological excavation at Paravela. After a short introduction to the history of the site, the young archaeologists were assigned various tasks - from actual digging to drawing and photographing - and participated in a discussion about monuments and their preservation. The Programme was designed by MONUMENTA repsresentative Irene Gratsia, assisted by team member Christina Athanasiou.

Summer 2012 events were organised with the kind collaboration of Stanford University. We are happy to host here a special report prepared by Cherkea Howery, graduate student at Stanford, who helped us finance the two events through a grant provided by her Institution's Community Outreach Office.